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Championship Week 16 in Week 16 is not the time to get too cute (even if you are in the semifinals and playing until Week 17, that still holds true). Our look at the NFL snap counts this week, more than a few, stuck with players on most cards. Of course, we’ll let you know if Myles Gaskin is worth a cab pickup, but we’re also going to discuss the launches of James Conner and Raheem Mostert. It’s all about winning this last week.

Our discussion below will begin with Breshad Perriman, who probably should have gotten last week, but it sure must be now that Chris Godwin (hamstring) is out. Add Justin Watson’s teammate if you like, too. Perriman is basically in the area to start against the Texans in Week 16 if Mike Evans 9hamstring) and Godwin is out.

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Conner returned from a shoulder injury and didn’t get the workload I might have hoped, but the snaps were there. You can expect its action to increase. Melvin Gordon’s tweaks didn’t seem to feed their usual workload too much, and they should also remain in the original variants for Week 16.

And there is our favorite, Mostert, who was probably mentioned here more than anyone through a season filled with Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco. Only now, we are pretty sure Mostert pushed this committee and made the 49ers backfield.

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Beyond the following names, you can check out the analysis of the 32 teams from Week 15 results here. We hope to give you the bit of extra insight you need to go and take home a trophy this week.

Start or sit down? Breshad Perriman, by Justin Watson

Mike Evans was already out with an injury, and now with a Saturday game coming for the Bucs, it looks like he could also be without Chris Godwin and Scotty Miller because of problems. This leaves Perriman and Watson as the top two receivers.

Perriman worked in two-sided teams with Godwin before the star injured him and was well on his way to his last series with five catches for 113 yards and three touchdowns. Most of Watson’s time came when Godwin left the game, but that left Watson as the clear WR2 by the end of the game. Watson targeted only twice, catching both for 17 yards.

Jameis Winston had thrown at Watson eight times a week before, and that was with Godwin healthy, so we can probably expect a positive retreat to come for Watson. The Buccaneers get a trivial defense against the Texans on Saturday in Week 16.

Assuming Evans, Godwin and Miller are all out with their injuries, Perriman should start as Winston’s top receiver. Watson is about as solid a start in the FLEX series as you can get from a wide game to the first game of the week. You should commit earlier, but if Winston drops for at least 300 meters again, both Perriman and Watson will have to get theirs (with O.J. Howard and Cameron Brate).

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Dolphin Cash: Myles Gaskin vs. Patrick Laird

Just when we thought it was time to go all-in on Laird vs. the Bengals in Week 16, Brian Flores threw the Gaskin curve into the mix. Both backs played 34 fouls on Sunday, and their touches weren’t too far off either. Laird had 12 goals and two goals from five goals. Gaskin had nine coffins and caught two of three goals.

Gaskin held the edge in yardage, gaining a total of 72 yards compared to Laird’s 54. The use, which came after Laird had previously had a lot of room over Gaskin in snaps, suggests that the dolphins want to see what their youngster from Washington starts stretching.

Week 16 will be the rare game where the Dolphins are favored as they take on an even worse Cincinnati team. If no information is available about this split during the week, we should operate provided it is a fairly balanced workload. This would limit both backs to the FLEX value, at best. Laird would probably hold the edge in PPR formats, while Gaskin’s slightly higher probability of a big game would give him the advantage in standard leagues. The best-case scenario in terms of fantastic points would be for the dolphins to give Gaskin 20 touches, but it seems unlikely.

Start or sit down? James Conner, Steelers RB

Conner returned from a shoulder injury to play Sunday night against the Bills, and on paper, his eight carries for 42 yards and four catches for nine yards were probably disappointing for fantasy owners (though he scored). Why won’t Pittsburgh give the best offensive player more?

Well, I would like to answer that question. But what I can tell you is that Conner was in the field for 34 offensive games, twice that of the next nearest Steelers RB (Jaylen Samuels, who was for 17 games). Conner’s pace at just touching the ball in 12 of his 34 packs is low when he is up against some of the league’s top backs, especially when you consider the lack of talent around him.

Pittsburgh gets a Jets team with much less to play for Week 16, and as long as Conner is healthy, Pittsburgh needs to realize his mistake and give Conner the ball more. He’s already very good in the race, so we’re assuming he gets football another five to eight times and has a great day of fantasy in Week 16. If not, this is a terrific offensive game from Pittsburgh.

Chargers: Melvin Gordon vs. Austin Ekaler

Gordon dropped a case of fumblitis Sunday, losing two memories at a Chargers festival. That, along with rising LA, led to plenty of time on the sideline for Gordon, who played 25 snaps compared to 30 by Austin Ekeler and 13 by Justin Jackson 13. Gordon had argued with similar split with Ekeler before, but add more Jackson with his friend was young.

It seems much more likely that Jackson was playing because the LA was on the road losing 39-10 and not because Gordon was pressed. Gordon received seven more cards and seven goals (caught five). Raiders Week 16 takeover is another good time to play Gordon as RB2.

Ekeler also remains a fantasy novice, at least at the FLEX spot in the regular league. He also took seven loads and hit five goals on Sunday, as did Gordon, though Ekeler went 62 yards through the air and adds higher floor each week due to his occasional take on the field. As far as L.A. may remain close to a hot Raiders team, and both backs should get numbers in Week 16.

Start or sit down? Raheem Moster, Tovin Coleman, Matt Breda

Three weeks of the same thing gave us no choice but to believe in Mostert at this point. Sure, it seems weird that Kyle Shanahan would drive a panel so hard all season just to get Mostert back so much under strain, but that’s exactly what he does.

Mostert has seen more than 30 fouls in three consecutive weeks, while no other San Francisco RB has seen more than 20 in a single game. Mostert scored 14 times compared to four for Coleman and Breida in Week 15. This is Mostert’s backfield.

The 49ers play the Rams on Saturday night on Week 16 and while people are talking a lot about Aaron Donald, there’s nothing going right with the Rams stopping at that point. There is no reason to even think of Coleman or Breida, but Mostert is firmly in RB2 territory, to the point that there is almost nothing worse than a FLEX game for anyone who has it.

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