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Cassie and Alex Fine share cute photos of Frankie’s little girl’s first Christmas on the beach as details of her mother’s life are revealed


It seems that motherhood is perfect for Cassie, as the 33-year-old music star looks happier than ever since she gave birth to her first child, Frankie Fine, on December 6.

Alex Fine and Cassie shared some Christmas photos on the beach that delighted fans.

The singer first revealed that she was expecting a daughter, when she and her husband, Alex Fine, announced the big news in June.

At the time, the couple said they couldn’t be more excited and happy to have this little girl in their life.

Apparently Cassie’s pregnancy went smoothly, as well as the childbirth, which would have gone smoothly, but it did take time.

A few months before Frankie’s birth, his father shared a very affectionate post addressed to his unborn daughter on his Instagram page. In his message, Alex promised to always give him the greatest love and affection.

He also expected to be present at all important events in Frankie’s life, such as dance recitals, concerts or sports games, as well as supporting her in everything she did.

He wrote at the time: “I never thought that my heart could get bigger after meeting your mother … then I discovered that we had you, and I instantly felt such indescribable love. I promise to be present at every dance recital, concert, sporting event and play, whatever you decide to do. I will be there and I will support you. I’m your number one fan. “

Meanwhile, after welcoming the baby, Cassie and Alex stayed at home and took their first steps in parenting.

Apparently, the artist “Me and You” was so involved in the care of her firstborn that her husband sometimes had to make sure that she was getting enough rest.

A source said, “Alex has been a big help in making sure Cassie gets enough rest, the new mom is naturally hypnotized by Frankie and doesn’t want to leave her.”

The insider continued: “They want to wait a few more days before they have visitors, but they sent photos of their little girl to all their friends and exhibited her. They are both so in love and so delighted to have a healthy baby. ”

Before starting her relationship with Fine, Cassie dated P. Diddy for over ten years until their breakup in 2018.


Shortly after the split, the celebrity left with the fine competition fitness instructor and bull rider, whom she finally married in August 2019.

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