Cataclysm Teaser, The Cycle Frontier In-Game Event Began

In preparation for the upcoming season, The Cycle Frontier has begun its in-game event. Season 2 will debut on September 28th. Players can play in harsh weather conditions and create legendary weapons out of strange meteor cores while waiting.

The Cycle: Frontier – Cataclysm Teaser

Join “Cataclysm,” a 6-day in-game event beginning on Wednesday, September 22nd at 12 PM CEST, in Fortuna III:


  • Increased storm speed
  • More frequent meteor showers
  • Evacuations are only possible during a storm.
  • Create legendary weapons using odd meteor cores.
  • Increased chance of finding monster heads and minerals


After this incident, there will be a complete wipe, and SEASON 2 will begin on September 28th. Your Aurum balance, as well as all acquired cosmetic items, will not be affected. On Fortuna III, we’ll see you there. Happy prospecting!