Celebrity Team shares its nine best Sophie Turner looks for 2019

Sophie Turner, the 23-year-old actress and wife of Joe Jonas, has given magnificent looks since the premiere of Game of Thrones on April 17, 2011. Now, in honor of the end of the year, the team from celebrities behind many of her 2019 looks share nine of her favorites.

In Game of Thrones, Sophie Turner played Sansa Stark and her hair color was an auburn shade of red. The real Sophie Turner wears her blonde hair and it’s easy to tell photos of the real Sophie from the character she played in the award-winning show at the 35 Emmy Awards.

Known for her blonde hair, she wore different styles in each of the photos. Famous hairstylist Christian Wood drew Sophie’s locks for photos and some included straight styles, long, loose waves, tall ponytails and even Sophie with bangs. Many people replied that Sophie was almost unrecognizable with bangs and felt that they were drawing attention to her big blue eyes.

You can see photos of Sophie Turner modeling the different looks in the photo grid below.

What strikes you most about Sophie Turner’s photos is her eye makeup. Celebrity makeup Georgie Eisdell, who also works on Claire Foy, has created many stunning looks for Sophie that draw attention to her eyes. Sophie Turner’s photos with bangs reaching her eyelashes and heavy eye makeup always arouse a huge reaction from her fans.

There are three photos of the nine that Sophie’s celebrity team has selected that feature a heavy and bold eyeliner. One image features a bold black cat eye with neutral tones on the cover.

The second sees Sophie’s hair brushed away from her face and has bold brown eyebrows and a heavy blue eyeliner and eyeshadow. The look is striking for Sophie and with her beauty and style team, is also favored by her fans.

The star stylist Kate Young created Sophie’s looks throughout the year and from the nine photos, the team selected.

Are you fan of Sophie Turner? Have you watched her portrait of Sansa Starks over the eight seasons of Game of Thrones?


Which of the nine looks selected by their celebrity team is your favorite?

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