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Chanel West Coast Slams Followers For Not Liking Her Pictures: ‘I’ m F ****** Famous!’


When it concerns social media, the more interaction your page get the more noticeable your profile is. Chanel West Coast just recently went off on her followers for not liking her images although she likes theirs.

In a video initially posted to Snapchat, Chanel confided in her followers about not getting love back from individuals she has actually revealed love to.

She described that she’s a friendly individual and she’s well-known so it does not make good sense that individuals do not like her images or videos on Instagram.

‘So, something I’ ve understood is that being a friendly individual earns less individuals f *** with you. Particularly remaining in this market … I am the most friendly motherf ***** ever, I simply like individuals I like everyone. Unless you provide me a factor to not like you, I f ****** like you. And if I follow you, I’ ma like your images, unless it’s like an actually unsightly bad photo perhaps I won’ t like it. For one of the most part I f ****** like everyone’s s ***, and no one likes my s ***. And I’m simply like, bitch I’m f ***** well-known on a million episodes of TELEVISION, and you got method less followers than me and I resemble your s *** and you do not ever wan na like my s ***? Who the f *** do you believe you are? You believe I’m desperate since I get along and liking your s ***? Ain’t no one f ****** desperate, I’m simply being good.’

The video tirade has actually given that gone numerous and viral individuals are calling her out for pleading for likes.

One fan discussed The Area Talk’s Instagram repost: ‘Whew the desperation, girl it’ s not that do not like you as an individual it’s simply that they do not like your music.’

Another added: ‘Poor infant. she Awakened stressed out over them likes.

While this one stated: ‘omg sis is tired of being irrelevant ???? nobody wants to fwy b/c you sit on a couch & laugh all day.’


Do you believe the Ridiculousness star has a point?

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