‘Changes’ for San Francisco after a “horrible” night of looting

The mayor and the chief of police of San Francisco promised “changes”after one night of massive looting, a crime become more And more common in the city, And one which is driving companies away.

Several stores, including Louis Vuitton and Bloomingdale’s, were hit on Friday night as part of a huge looting that affects businesses in the California city of Union Square.

In a press conference on Saturday addressing the attack on businesses, promised London Mayor Breed “changes” to the area which will limit car access after “horrible” night of crime. Likewise, Police Chief Bill Scott pointed to the infrastructure changes as a measure that will prevent future mass robberies.

“We have to make it difficult for people to do what they did last night. Shot up Right next to a business, shatter the windows, to clean out whatever they can carry, make yourself well in their auto parked on the sidewalk and go “ Scott said, adding that eight people he had been arrested in connection with what police believe were planned robberies.

Some of the looting was captured on camera, with few policemen in view and many of the thieves who pass by the police with no resistance.

Scott said the police will do it “flood” the area where the robberies took place for the “predictable future. “

“We will do what we want need do to put an end to this madness “, He said.

On the top of on Friday evenings vandalism and looting, a Nordstrom store in Willow Creek was hit on Saturday night by the dozen of looters, who entered and plundered the location in less than a minute, according to the police. Three employees were attacked in The raid.

The footage captured at the scene looks like show most of looters get past Police.

Theft has become a trend in San Francisco, leading to companies like Walgreens a shut down several locations and more retailers to limit them hours of operation.

Activists pointed to the city doing the theft of items valued at less than $ 950 is not a crime as a major factor in the rise in theft and his next effect on businesses.

steal in the city has reached the point in which videos of criminals who tear off businesses with ease has become more and more common on social media, often leading to the city becoming a punchline for some critics.

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