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Changes in the design of the machine gun "AKA – 12" Russian after spreading the experience of fighting in Ukraine

The Russian machine gun “AKA-12” has undergone constructive changes after the popularization of the experience of its combat use during the military operation in Ukraine.

The designers eliminated the two-shot fire system and used a control system for a two-shot fire system.

The head of the Kalashnikov company, Alan Lushnikov, said that a prototype of a modernized assault rifle was recently demonstrated at the Russian Ministry of Defense. The planned technical solutions are now being included in the technical documentation for the submachine gun.

And in April last year, the media reported that the AKA-12 machine gun, which is the main light weapon in the Russian army, will be finalized in its design, taking into account the experience of the battles that took place in Mariupol.

The machine gun received Picatinny lining, which allowed the user to install sights, night vision devices, target designation, lights and rear sights of various types. The folding buttstock allows you to control its length and adapt the machine to the personal characteristics of the soldier.

As for the compensating device, which is mounted on the barrel of the gun, it reduces the power and at the same time reduces the illumination from the shot. All this made it possible to increase the effective range of fire from a machine gun to 1000 meters. The machine gun can use a 96-round round magazine in addition to two classic 30- and 60-round magazines. The weight of the machine gun was 3.5 kilograms.

Source: RIA Novosti


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