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ChatGPT continues to generate controversy and institutions forbid students to use it

The prestigious Paris Institute of Political Studies, known as Science Po, announced on Friday that it has banned its students, subject to sanctions that can go as far as expulsion, from using the ChatGPT artificial intelligence tool. in able to write response texts to simple questions.

In a message addressed to all students and teachers, the institute’s management stated that “the use of GBT chat or any other tool based on artificial intelligence in Science Po, without this being expressly indicated, is strictly prohibited for students to produce written or oral papers, unless it is used for educational purposes under the supervision of a teacher.

Sciences Po became the first higher education institution in France to officially ban the use of this artificial intelligence tool.

GBT Chat has been used extensively in education since last November.

“Sciences Po” considered in the letter to students that “this tool using artificial intelligence raises great concerns among educational and research institutions around the world on the issue of fraud in general and plagiarism in particular”.

The statement added that “some countries … have already taken the initiative to ban the use of this tool in their schools and universities.”

And in mid-December, that is, a few weeks after the start-up Californian OpenAI has made this tool available, eight Australian universities have announced that they have changed their exams, believing that the use of artificial intelligence tools by students was “a form of cheating”.

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