Chelsea manager: the noise of the Lukaku match does not help us

LONDON: Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel has confirmed there is a state of frustration within the squad after Romelu Lukaku revealed his dissatisfaction with his position on the squad. The “surprised” Chelsea manager confirmed he would sit down with Lukaku to put an end to this affair, but stressed that he did not see any problems with Lukaku, who moved to the team for £ 98m ($ 111m). last summer. “I’m not happy with the situation” at Chelsea, Lukaku told the Italian network “Sky”. in an interview published on Thursday. It is known that the interview took place three weeks ago. The British news agency “BA Media” reported that Lukaku, 28, then told the Brazilian network “ESBN” that he had solved all the problems. in a conversation with Tuchel, where he informed him that he was “multidimensional”, but the technical director accepts that Lukaku was frustrated by the hustle and bustle. “We don’t like this, of course,” said Tuchel, “because it makes a fuss that we don’t need and it doesn’t help us. But on the other hand, we don’t want things to get worse.” He stressed: “You know very well how things are. It’s easy to take the jokes out of context, cut the lines to make the news and then realize it’s not that bad, or what it meant.” “But let’s be honest, we don’t like this, because it’s noisy we don’t need it, we want a quiet environment”. Lukaku has scored twice in his last two games, as he scored his side’s goal in a 1-1 draw against Brighton on Wednesday, in his first game for Chelsea after a ten-day absence.

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