Chicago Blackhawks to investigate assistant coach Marc Crawford following allegations of physical abuse

The recent NHL coaching attack in the light of public or physical abuse of players continues to accumulate. More recently, Marc Crawford has been on the ground, with former NHLer Sean Avery claiming that Crawford kicked him while the two were in Los Angeles with the Kings.

“He kicked me after a call from too many men on the ice I got,” Avery told the New York Post. “It didn’t help me, we got a score and he gave me ‘You know how I was at the end of the bench, he got down and gave me a kick that left a mark.’

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Crawford, now an assistant coach with the Chicago Blackhawks, is alleged to have committed physical abuse to Avery during the 2006-07 season. Chicago announced in a press release Monday that it will conduct an investigation into the matter.

“The Chicago Blackhawks will conduct a detailed review of Assistant Coach Marc Crawford on the basis of recent complaints about his behavior with another organization. Marc Crawford will be out of the team during this time and the organization will have no comment until the review is complete, “the statement read.

Starting with Bill Peters’ resignation over reports of racial abuse and allegations of physical abuse by the former Calgary Flames coach, Crawford’s name has been added to the list of NHL coaches who have some ghosts in the closet.

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