Child deaths increase in Dhamar and the disease is “unknown”

The Dhamar Governorate in central Yemen has seen, in the past two weeks, a notable increase in the number of deaths of children and infants due to infection with a new disease that doctors have not been in can accurately diagnose so far.

And medical sources in Dhamar have reported that health authorities have recorded 20 mysterious deaths among children in recent days due to a strange new disease. She explained that the disease strikes in mostly children and infants, as the affected child suffers from breathing difficulties and oxygen entering the body before his death is announced within hours.

Sources indicated that Dhamar hospitals received similar cases of children suffering from breathing difficulties, as the injured entered in coma for hours before his sudden death inside the intensive care rooms.

Medical sources have confirmed that the number of deaths can be high and can exceed 50 cases among children in the governorate, but most of the deaths have not been recorded or reported, especially in the countryside. He explained that nearly 12 deaths have been recorded in the Anas district alone, while there have been deaths in city ​​and the rest of the districts of Dhamar, according to the news site NewsYemen.

He explained that the symptoms of the disease are closest to diphtheria, or as it is called “diphtheria”, which is caused by a bacterium known as “corynebacterium diphtheria”, and the germs that cause it usually spread. in wet droplets that come out with coughing, where they multiply in the mucous membrane of the mouth and throat.

Local sources spoke of the widespread and frightening spread of this disease in Dhamar Governorate, in particularly in the districts of Hada and Ans e in other rural areas, noting that the death rates among Dhamar’s children are in increase without a medical diagnosis or careful treatment.

For its part, citizens have expressed their growing concern as they fear for their children’s lives in light of the severe secrecy and opacity on the part of health authorities in Dhamar governorate, which is under the control of the Houthi militia, and which refuses to give any information about the disease.

According to the sources, the systematic destruction of the health sector, and the extremist ideas of the Houthi militia to prevent vaccinations, have caused a high number of deaths among children and infants, not to mention the looting of medical aid and budgetwhich exacerbated the situation and the complete collapse of the system.

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