Child vaccinated by Obama Academy without consent, mother affirmations

A California mother she is claiming that the Barack Obama Global Prep Academy in Los Angeles gave her son a vaccine against Covid-19 without his consent, corrupting the child with incentives like Pizza.

“The lady who gave him the injection and signed the paper said to me son, ‘Please don’t say anything. I do not want get in trouble,'” Maribel Duarte told NBC Los Angeles this week. she 13-year-old son attends school.

Duarte said he discovered it son did the vaccination card one day, showing that you have received two doses of Pfizer vaccine, without her being informed. Los Angeles schools have ordered that all students age 12 and older in su are vaccinated by 10 January. Duarte said she’s vaccinated, but her wanted refrain from taking it son vaccinated in how much do you have asthma and allergy problems.

A spokesperson for the district no confirm the accident with by Duarte son, but confirmed that incentives are being offered to students to get ripped off at school. The program through which these incentives are offered is called the Safe Schools to Safe Steps Incentive Program, which it offers rewards to “families who upload the proof of their vaccine, have an approved medical exemption, or have conditional hospitalizations.

Duarte and his lawyer say they are trying to reverse the vaccine’s mandate for the Los Angeles school district.

California mother’s claims caused concern between the vaccination mandate critics on social media, with Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) declares the allegations as “scary”.

According to the district, over 80% of eligible students are vaccinated against COVID-19. Students who fail to meet the vaccine requirement by January will be forced to return to virtual learning.

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Source RT News.

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