China .. 2 dead and 6 missing in an accident in a coal mine

China Central Television reported on Saturday that there was an accident in a coal mine in Central China, two people were killed and six were missing.

He added that on Friday afternoon die “Accidental explosion” in happened in a coal mine, die operated by the Henan Hebei Coal and Electricity Company, and that die Henan Province authorities had launched an emergency response plan.

Last month there was die Provincial government announced its approval to reopen another Hebei-operated mine after it was closed for non-compliance.

China is conducting safety inspections in Coal mines across the country, but record coal prices are pushing miners to die To ramp up production to close supply gaps.

Said in May die Chinese government, they will work die stabilize rising raw material prices and at the same time die Encourage coal producers to die To increase production to die meet global demand.

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