China. A government committee is looking at ways to interfere with coal prices

China’s State Planning Commission said Tuesday that it is looking at ways to address high coal prices and will take all necessary steps to bring them back to a reasonable range.

This has arrived in a statement released after a meeting with major coal companies The Federation of Industry to ensure the supply of coal for the winter and spring.

The National Development and Reform Commission said Chinese law allows the government to limit profit rates and set price caps.

The committee also undertook to address any irregularities or speculations and to maintain market stability.

In terms of the global energy crisis, Russia will not send any additional quantities of gas in Europe next month, which contradicts expectations that Moscow will loosen its grip on the market, after Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed his country is ready to help Europe supply more gas.

Race results on Monday showed that Russian state-owned Gazprom will not pump additional quantities of gas. in Europe in November, neither through the gas pipeline passing through Ukraine nor through the Western European pipeline passing through Poland.

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