China accuses America die Tensions escalate across Taiwan

On Thursday, China did die United States responsible for breaking tensions over Taiwan after a US warship in sailed near the island die Considered China part of its territory, and Beijing asked if it could sail the Gulf of Mexico to “show strength”. “

Taiwan complained about die Repeat Beijing’s military activities in the last few months when die chinese air force fast Every day in die Taiwan Air Defense Restriction Zone.

China said Monday that an aircraft carrier group was doing exercises in near the island. A US warship was through on Wednesday die Sailed cross-strait, die die Separate the island from mainland China.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Legian said in a daily meeting that “American ships, die participate in provocations, send
With false and dangerous messages from the independence forces in Taiwan, die peace and security in threaten the cross strait. “

“Goes a Chinese warship in the Gulf of Mexico to show violence? “

In 2015, five Chinese warships sailed in international waters in the Bering Sea off Alaska, a precedent for die Chinese army when US President Barack Obama toured this state.

The US Navy says it conducts so-called “routine” traffic operations on a regular basis die Cross strait through.

The United States has expressed concern about what it is calling China’s patterns of intimidation in of the region, including Taiwan, and stated that their commitment to Taiwan was “absolutely solid”.

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