China accuses the G7 of “political manipulation” after criticizing Xinjiang and Hong Kong

China accused die Group of Seven on Monday of “political manipulation” after this their human rights record in Xinjiang and Hong Kong had criticized.

In the final declaration of the group’s three-day summit in England condemned China’s leaders against minority violations in Xinjiang (West China) and pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong, while US President Joe Biden urged Beijing to “act more responsibly in terms of values.” International law of human rights.

The Chinese Embassy in Britain reacted angrily on Monday, blaming die Group, yourself in die “Interfering” with Beijing affairs.

“The G7 has taken advantage of issues related to Xinjiang to engage in political manipulation and to get involved in Interfere with China’s internal affairs, which we strongly oppose, “said an embassy spokesman in an explanation.

The embassy accused the group of spreading “lies, rumors and unsubstantiated allegations”.

China accuses the G7 of “political manipulation” after criticizing Xinjiang and Hong Kong

Group of seven leaders

Human rights groups accuse China of having up to a million Uighur Muslims and members of other minorities, mostly Muslims, in Internment camps in Hold on to Xinjiang.

China says die Camps are “vocational training centers”, die die To keep residents away from religious extremism.

“We will promote our values, including asking China to die Human rights and fundamental freedoms, in particular in Regarding Xinjiang, to respect and respect these rights and freedoms as well as a high degree of autonomy for Hong Kong, “it says in China owed the final declaration of the summit in 1997.

At her first personal summit since fast quit two years ago die Group leaders made a series of pledges on COVID-19 vaccines, climate change, rights, and trade.

Beijing refuses to “politicize” Corona

The group called for a new investigation into the source of the Covid epidemic, what die Message to the answer prompted that die required work should be done “scientifically, objectively and fairly” without consenting to re-investigation.

The Chinese Embassy in Britain said: “The current epidemic is still rife around the world and die Tracing work should be done by global scientists, not politicized. “

The new coronavirus first appeared at the end of 2019 in Central China on and die The World Health Organization dispatched a team of experts in January to investigate its origin.

However, their long-delayed report failed to come to clear conclusions, and die Investigation has since been harshly criticized for its lack of transparency and access to information.

The summit also announced die Establishment of a Global Infrastructure Fund, which, according to Biden, is “much fairer” than China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”.

Emphasized in their statement die chinese embassy that “die in The statement of the (Group of Seven) allegations against China on economic and trade issues are factual and irrational. “

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