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China and Russia: the Taliban government is not inclusive, but we need to talk about it


Chinese President Xi Jinping said Afghanistan should be geared to be more open and inclusive and to pursue moderate internal and foreign policies.

Friday, in a meeting of the leaders of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Xi Jinping said via video link that the “relevant parties” in Afghanistan must eliminate terrorism, stressing that Beijing will provide more assistance to Kabul within its capabilities, according to Reuters.

He also believes that some countries should hire in future responsibilities for the development of the country, in to what extent they (the interested parties) are “incitators”, in reference to the United States and its allies who withdrew from the country, opening the doors for the Taliban movement to extend its control.

“We must work with the Taliban”

In turn, Russian President Vladimir Putin stressed that the Taliban transitional government is not complete. “The government of Afghanistan cannot be described as a university,” he said in the organization’s video meeting, but stressed the need to work with it.

He also stressed the need to work with America and other countries to gradually unblock Afghanistan’s funds.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his Chinese counterpart on screen during their participation in the Shanghai Conference (17 September 2021 – AFP)

Furthermore, he said, “The Taliban now control almost the entire territory of Afghanistan and must be encouraged to keep their promises. in matter of pace, normalization of social life and security for all “.

He also touched on the need to build a dialogue with Kabul, within the format of the “enlarged troika” (ie Russia, China, Pakistan and the United States), stressing that the work is already in course on this issue. He suggested studying the possibility of resuming the work of the joint working group between the “Shanghai Cooperation Organization” and Afghanistan, warning that the developments of the events in this country affect the security of all member states in the region.

Interestingly, the Afghan situation, threatened by a political and economic crisis since the Taliban took control of the country, raises the concerns of neighboring countries, in particularly Pakistan, Tajikistan and Iran, as well as of course China and Russia.

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