China approves radical changes to the political system in Hong Kong

Supported on Tuesday die Chinese leaders made far-reaching changes to the electoral system in Hong Kong, die die Would significantly reduce the number of seats for directly elected personalities and ensure that die pro-Beijing committees die Select city legislature.

The new measures die circumvented the Hong Kong Legislative Council and imposed directly by Beijing is the final step aimed at die democratic movement in the city after the massive demonstrations, die she witnessed to be smashed.

“The (Chinese) President Xi Jinping has die Order of the President to adopt the revised texts signed, “said die new Chinese news agency in a short report.

Hong Kong’s 7.5 million residents are still unsure of what the new law will provide, while new details have not yet been released.

Hong Kong’s only representative in the Chinese parliament, Tam Yuchang, explained die Details of the new measures.

“The changes were unanimously approved by 167 members of the Standing Committee of the People’s Assembly,” he told France Presse.

Under the new law, the Hong Kong Legislative Council will be expanded from 70 to 90 seats.
According to Tamm, only twenty MPs are directly elected, compared with 35 previously while a fully pro-Beijing committee die Majority will vote (40 MPs).

The remaining 30 MPs are selected from “functional constituencies” which are sectors die represent specific sectors and stakeholders, die have long been for Beijing.

Anyone who runs for elections must review their political positions.

Tam announced that die Hong Kong authorities will set up an Audit Committee while die new national security services in the city die Will have authority to determine which numbers will be approved.

“The National Security Committee and die National security police will produce reports on each candidate to assist the Competency Review Committee in their review, “he told France Press.

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