China: Corona’s situation is improving in the country, but it is still dangerous

Today, Friday, Wu Liangyu, a National Health Commission official of China, said that the situation of the Crown in the country is improving, but it is nevertheless complex and dangerous.

Recently, the provinces of Liaoning, Zhejiang and Henan, among others, reported new coronavirus outbreaks, with the sources of the infection unclear, Wu added.

He noted that relapse risks still exist and that China needs to step up its measures to tackle local epidemics and improve disease control measures in timely manner.

Beijing residents are angry at the restrictions imposed to fight the Corona virus restricting their movements, but they are also concerned about the daily registration of dozens of new Covid-19 cases.

China has a high economic cost, faces rare public criticism for tightly controlled websites, and is increasingly isolating itself from a world in which Covid-related restrictions are a thing of the past.

Internationally, industry bodies have complained that restrictions on the coronavirus in China have global economic repercussions. At home, residents worry about the imposition of difficult and long-term restrictions.

Beijing has struggled to avoid a massive spike in infections that forced Shanghai, the country’s financial and commercial center, to impose a near-total lockdown for more than a month.

Following the meeting of the Communist Party’s Politburo Standing Committee, the country’s top decision-making body, state TV ultimately reported Thursday that China would face any remarks and actions that distort, put in question or reject its coronavirus policy.

The committee warned that the easing of restrictions, imposed in dozens of cities of the second largest economy in the world and affecting the lives of hundreds of millions of people, will lead to widespread infections.

On Friday, an editorial in the Communist Party’s official “People’s Daily” responded to allegations that China’s policy on the Crown is disrupting the global economy and trade.

“Some American politicians have often attacked and distorted pandemic control and control measures in China and have tried to blame China for the so-called disruption of global supply chains, “he said, without naming specifics.

He added that China’s priority is people’s lives and that, despite the growing pressure on its economy, the country can overcome difficulties.

State TV said the Cabinet said further support measures will be implemented to achieve stability in the labor market and help the foreign trade sector.

Beijing has recorded dozens of new cases every day in the nearly two weeks since the outbreak of the virus. And officials said today, Friday, that they had recorded 72 injured yesterday, May 5, which is the highest number so far.

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