China denies die Accusations, die Not having passed corona data on to investigators

Today, Wednesday, a senior Chinese health sector official said there was no basis for it die There are allegations against his country that it withheld information from researchers die were appointed by the World Health Organization to die Investigate the origins of the coronavirus.

Speaking to reporters, Liang Wanyan said that die joint study about die Development of COVID-19, die Conducted by China and the World Health Organization and released on Tuesday, jointly directed that Chinese and international researchers had access to the same data.

He added that the Chinese part of the joint research has been completed and that die World now die possibility in Must take into account that previous cases of Covid-19 outside of China in the next phase of research into the origins of the virus will occur.

And the Director General of the World Health Organization, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said yesterday, Tuesday, that the organization’s investigators, die traveled to China to investigate the origin of the corona virus, data was withheld.

These researchers’ report found that the virus was most likely transmitted from bats to humans by another animal.

Expressed in a statement on Tuesday die The United States and its 13 allies expressed their “common concern” about the WHO report and urged China to give experts “unrestricted access” to all data.

The statement added: “It is imperative that independent experts have unrestricted access to all data, research and teams relating to humans, animals and the environment, die in involved in the early stages of the epidemic, and die Task to determine how die Pandemic has occurred. “Explicit criticism of China.

The WHO investigation team called their report a “first start” and called for patience. The team found that all of the hypotheses – including the virus leaking from a laboratory – cannot be completely ruled out.

The head of the mission, Peter bin Mubarak, checked die first view of the team over die possible origins of the coronavirus, which has existed since its first appearance in China more than a year ago fast 2.8 million people killed and die Economy has hit.

Bin Mubarak said that die Team members were exposed to political pressure from “all parties” while emphasizing that “we were never pressured, important elements in to copy our report “.

Bin Mubarak also noticed die “Privacy” issues in China, die die Prevented disclosure of some data, saying that in similar restrictions exist in many countries.

“This is just a first start – we just have die Scratched the surface of this very complex series of studies, die must be carried out … and we have indicated many additional studies die should be done from now on, “he said. He added,” This is a job die still going on. We all have to be patient. “

Bin Mubarak said it is difficult to know when – if it will happen at all – the exact origin of the virus will occur.

While the team believes that die Hypothesis, die on die As possibility indicates that the virus is not likely to leak from a laboratory, this hypothesis is “not impossible”, according to Bin Mubarak.

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