China detects attack drone with 2 tons of missiles at a distance of 10,000 km

Chinese television showed a Chinese-made Wing Loong-3 aircraft carrying 2,000 kg of military air-to-ground missiles.

However, for the first time Wing Loong-3 was shown to Chinese and foreign media on Sunday, November 6, two days before the opening of the Guangdong air show in southern China.

It is noteworthy that the range of the march was 10,000 km. Chinese media reports that the drone can be used for reconnaissance purposes, and it can also be used as a strike drone.

According to available information, the changes made to the design of the previous drone model suggest that it can compete with leading American drones.

The Drive newspaper, in particular, noted that the drone weighed 6,400 kg during takeoff and could stay in the air for 40 hours. It was equipped with a PL-10L infrared-guided air-to-ground missile.

However, the publication suggested that the drone shown at the exhibition is an experimental model that will be developed to be included in the family of future Chinese military drones.

Source: linta. Ro