China does not mandate overseas data collection handover by companies

Beijing said on Friday that it is not requiring companies to hand over collected data from overseas, while Chinese firm TikTok faces mounting pressure and calls to ban the application in the United States. which violates local law,” he said, adding that the Chinese government “attaches great importance to protecting data privacy.”

“The US government has so far not presented any evidence that TikTok poses a threat to its national security. Instead, it has presented presumptions of guilt and unjustified crackdown” against the company, Mao said.

“We have also noted that some members of the US Congress have said that trying to ban TikTok is xenophobic political persecution,” he said.

TikTok CEO Xu Zi Zhu on Thursday faced a lengthy grilling from US lawmakers over the video-sharing app’s alleged ties to China and the danger it poses to teens.

“ByteDance (the owner of the application) is not affiliated with or controlled by the Chinese government, and is a private company,” Zhou said during the session.

He added, “60% of the company is owned by international investment institutions. 20% is owned by its founder and 20% is owned by employees from around the world.”

He explained, “We believe what is required are clear and transparent rules that apply to all technology companies … Ownership is not a basis for addressing these concerns.”

But he indicated that some US data was still available for company employees in China, saying, “Today there is still some data that we need to get rid of.”