China: food and energy security must be taken in consideration when reducing emissions

The Chinese government on Sunday outlined measures to achieve the country’s goals of peak carbon emissions by 2030 and carbon neutrality before 2060, but the council said food and energy security must be taken. in consideration in the process.

The statement on this has arrived in one moment in which China is experiencing severe threatening energy crises Casting a shadow over Beijing’s efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in As countries prepare for a new round of climate change talks in Glasgow from 31 October.

A cabinet document released by Xinhua also said China should “manage the relationship between pollution reduction, carbon reduction, energy security, industrial supply chain security, food security and the normal life of people.”

The council also called for an effective response to the economic risks arising from the transition to green and low carbon emissions in order to “prevent overreaction and ensure safe carbon reduction”.

Climate watchers hope to persuade the world’s largest emissions producer to start cutting coal consumption ahead of its current 2026 target, but its severe energy crises have put pressure on the government to urgently increase fuel production.

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