China gives in and adopts American treatment after the strongest wave since the first days of the epidemic

China has approved the Corona treatment developed by the American company Pfizer, after reviewing guidelines for the coronavirus in the country, as Beijing is scrambling to contain the largest spread of the virus since the early days of the outbreak.

Last month, China’s Medical Products Regulatory Authority approved Pfizer’s Paxlovid for emergency use, and the government announced its inclusion in COVID-19 treatment guidelines this week.

Authorities have also had to adjust their policies to accommodate the growing number of cases in more than twenty counties, according to the “New York Times,” which was reviewed by Al

Under the new guidelines, China requires people who have tested positive for the virus and have mild symptoms, not just to be hospitalized. in hospital, but to stay in central isolation structures.

The Health Committee has also shortened the quarantine period for patients who have been discharged from hospital or isolation facilities.

Previously, the government agreed to use test by individuals to help detect cases faster.

China is seeing the biggest increase in the number of cases this month, since the Corona virus first appeared in Wuhan city more than two years ago.

For his part, Deputy Director of the Bureau for Disease Control and Prevention of the National Health Commission, Li Chenglong, said on Tuesday: “The epidemic in some areas are increasing rapidly and the risk of it spreading to the community is relatively high. “

The increase in cases has also prompted Chinese authorities to close entire residential areas, close factories and stop public transport and highways, and disrupt already affected supply chains.

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