China is testing a new cargo drone

Pictures and videos of a new drone that China has successfully tested have circulated online.

And according to Dambiev’s Telegram channel, Tengoen Technolog’s new Scorpion D cargo plane successfully completed its first test flight on October 25 and took off from an airport in Sichuan Province, China.

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The channel indicated that “the new aircraft has a length of 10.5 m, a height of 3.1 m, a wingspan of 20 m, and its gross weight at takeoff is 4350 kg, with a payload of more than half a ton.”

The cargo area of ​​this aircraft is 5 cubic meters, and the Scorpion D can fly 35 hours continuously, fly at a speed of 300 km/h, reach an altitude of 9.5 km, and take off with a maximum payload from the runways. less than 500 m long.

Source: Ch. Dambiev