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China is the main trading partner of the Gulf countries…it has replaced the European Union since 2020

The GCC countries have strong economic partnerships with China.

During quest’year, Chinese ambassadors to GCC countries revealed the volume of trade, as China replaced the European Union from 2020 and became the GCC’s largest trading partner.

Gulf-China relations were not as solid as they are today. President Deng Shaobing, who led China (between 1987 and 1992), realized that his country’s need for energy sources and to move the economy needed a stable security system, and it found it in the Gulf, which makes up the lion’s share of China’s imports of oil, gas and petrochemicals.

Indeed, China has been able to assert its economic presence in the Gulf, with reports that have entered in a new phase “during seventy years of political rapprochement”, which led to an astonishing economic development, and is still in transformation stage.

China has become the GCC’s largest trading partner since 2020, replacing the European Union.

Saudi Arabia is in tops the list of China’s trading partners among Arab countries, while the level of trade between the UAE and China has exceeded $64 billion.

China is in tops the list of Asian countries in terms of trade volume with the Sultanate of Oman, amounting to 8.3 billion Omani riyals.

The volume of trade between Kuwait and China reached $20.2 billion in the first 11 months of 2021.

While the Chinese ambassador in Qatar has confirmed that the volume of trade with its country has exceeded 18 billion dollars.

The volume of trade between Bahrain and China has exceeded two billion dollars.

According to the data, the cooperation between the GCC countries and China in the energy sector is developing at a steady and continuous pace towards a deeper and broader trend in oil and natural gas extraction and oil refining.

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