China objects to visit Venkaiah Naidu Arunachal, India says no ground, solve LAC issue

Two days after India and China blamed each other for not there in succeed to make progress in talk over the military deadlock on the Line of Actual Control in Ladakh, Beijing on Wednesday said it was “firmly opposed” Vice President M . used to be Venkaiah Naiduvisit to Arunachal Pradesh last weekend. It asked New Delhi to “stop met taking actions die complicate and expand the border” issue”.

Inside hours, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs rejected the Beijing statement, saying that Arunachal Pradesh is an “integral and inalienable part” of India and objection to visits of Indian leaders towards a state of India “doesn’t get up” reason”.

In Arunachal Pradesh, the Vice President had addressed the State Assembly, met talked to each other with “achievers”, inaugurated Assembly library, Dorjee Khandu auditorium and paper recycling unit in in Itanagar, in addition to meeting the state leadership, including the governor and the first minister.

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Beijing’s objection to Indian leaders die Visiting Arunachal Pradesh is not uncommon. It has objected to visits in the past by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and minister of Defense Rajnath Singh in 2019, and minister of Interior Amit Shah in 2020. Each time, his objection provoked a sharp reaction from the Indian government. But on Wednesday, New Delhi also underlined the border situation – and that’s what made his response is somewhat different.

China objects to visit Venkaiah Naidu Arunachal, India says no ground, solve LAC issue Vice President Venkaiah Naidu at the Arunachal Pradesh meeting. (VP secretariat)

China claims up up to 90,000 square km in Arunachal Pradesh in the eastern sector, while India considers China illegally occupying 38,000 square kilometers in Aksai Chin in the western sector.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian responds to a question on Venkaiah Naidu’s visit to Arunachal Pradesh, said: “China’s position” on the border issue is consistent and clear.”

“The Chinese government never recognizes the so-called Arunachal Pradesh die was founded unilaterally and illegally by the Indian side, and strongly opposes Indian leaders’ visits to the area concerned,” he said.

“We urge the Indian side to sincerely respect China’s main concerns, stop met taking any action die complicate and shift the border issues and not undermine mutual trust and bilateral relations. It should instead to take real concrete actions to maintain peace and stability in the border areas between China and India and help bring bilateral relations back on to the track of sound and stable development’ said Zhao.


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BY THE LAC . INCREASE issue, New Delhi underlines that Beijing’s attempt to change the border status quo is behind the slide in tyres. And that it cannot be separated from any conversations between the two parties.

In response, Arindam Bagchi, spokesman for the Ministry of External Relations, said: “We have taken note of the comments made today by the Chinese official spokesman. We reject such comments. Arunachal Pradesh is an integral and inalienable part of India. Indian leaders routinely travel to the state of Arunachal Pradesh as they do met any other state of India. Object to the visit of Indian leaders towards a state of India won’t hold back reason and understand of Indonesian people.”

Bagchi then blamed the Chinese for the situation along the LAC. “Further, as we have mentioned before, current situation along the LAC in the western sector of the border areas between India and China is caused by unilateral efforts of Chinese side to change the status quo in offence of the bilateral agreements. That is why we expect the Chinese side until work to an early solution of the remaining issues along the LAC in Eastern Ladakh, while fully adhering to bilateral agreements and protocols in rather than trying to link unrelated issues.”

Vice Chairman Venkaiah Naidu addresses the Arunachal Assembly. (Twitter/VP Secretariat)

Troops withdrew in Ladakh on the north and southern shores of Pangong Tso and Gogra Post, but not at Hot Springs where they stay face each other since the Chinese de LAC . crossed in May 2020. The Chinese have also have prevented the entry of Indian troops traditional patrol points on the Depsang Plains, not far from the strategic Indian outpost at Daulat Beg Oldie in near the Karakoram Pass in the north.

On Monday, after the 13th round of Corps Commander-level talks, India said its delegation made “constructive suggestions” on resolve the situation in the “other areas” but the Chinese side “wasn’t pleasant” and also “couldn’t give one” forward-looking proposals”. China, on on the other hand, India accused of what it called “unreasonable and unrealistic demands” die, it said, “added difficulties for the negotiations”.

This sharp exchange of words was a departure from the past as the two sides had made joint statements, which show that common understanding of the results of the meeting.

In the evening of the meeting, army chief General MM Naravane, speaking at the India Today Conclave, said the Chinese have been building infrastructure on their side of the region and this means “they are there to stay”. He had made a similar comment while on a tour of eastern Ladakh.

Earlier this month there was almost a collision in tawang in Arunachal Pradesh to Indian soldiers faced met over 150 Chinese troops. They jostled before local commanders stepped in in to control the situation. Nearly 100 Chinese at the end of August soldiers had invaded in Indian territory in barahoti in Uttarakhand.

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