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China Outpaces America in the Technology Race: A Different Battle is Waged

While the two largest countries are in economic competition, it seems that the United States is losing the race with China in the field of technology and technical development.

China leads this race in nearly 37 out of 44 technical fields, according to research conducted in a year by the Australian Strategic Policy Institute think tank.

Research has also shown that these areas include electric batteries, hypersonics, as well as advanced communications and 5G and 6G services.

As for the United States, according to the report, they are still the leaders in 7 of the remaining technologies, such as vaccines, computer quantum and space launch systems.


Furthermore, the report revealed that China has built a solid foundation to position itself as a leading superpower in science and technology through many advanced researches. in these technical fields.

He also indicated that the world’s top 10 leading research institutes in the field of technology are located in China, adding that they publish very important and impactful research, nine times more than published in America.

He added that the Chinese Academy of Sciences ranked first or second in most of the 44 technologies included in the research, the Guardian newspaper reported.

He also warned of a Chinese monopoly on eight technologies, including nanomaterials, hydrogen and ammonia for energy and synthetic biology.

He also warned that China’s prowess in nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles shouldn’t come as a surprise to US intelligence agencies, because analysis of data over the past five years has revealed that Beijing has produced 48, 49% of high impact research papers in this field.

Interestingly, both America and China, the two largest economic powers in the world, are fighting politically on different lines, and economically as well.

While the race in science and technology occupies the most important role in this hidden struggle.


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