China publishes a video it takes in I turn the fears of the West towards Huawei

The Chinese news agency Xinhua released a satirical video in British that targets US and British concerns about tech giant Huawei.

The video was posted on Xinhua’s New China TV YouTube channel and its China Xinhua News Twitter account. Both reports carry a warning about their affiliation with the Chinese state.

The video shows two British intelligence agents trying to emulate James Bond meeting in a castle to get their instructions from M, who has a new top priority for western spies.

The male agent speculates that Julian Assange may have escaped from prison or that Edward Snowden has been arrested.

While waiting, the female agent talks about spying by the NSA. And also remember that America has advanced propaganda capabilities.

When the agents spoke to M, she told the male customer not to buy a Huawei phone. When the male customer asks why, he finds out that his operator is spying on him.

American communications infrastructure

Huawei has been attacked by Western governments who believe the company’s technology may be compromised by the Chinese government.

US authorities were brief on the details of how China could in theory to instigate an attack on US communications infrastructure.

But last month there were reports that Chinese spies successfully hacked Australian networks in 2012 using an update. software Huawei.

Huawei’s ban transforms in a Chinese parody as the parody video references two Western leaders by name – Britain’s David Cameron and Germany’s Angela Merkel – both of whom are no longer in command of their countries.

It is clear that China sees the hypocrisy of technological espionage as America’s weak point in the new Cold War.

A Huawei executive made a similar attack on the Mobile World Congress in February 2019. He cited what Edward Snowden revealed as a reason not to believe US authorities when it came to espionage allegations.

Phones approved by the CIA

At the end of the video, both agents were given CIA-certified phones, which were clearly intercepted.

What the video ignores, however, is that many of the security issues surrounding Huawei have not focused on actively exploited backdoors, but rather on bad cybersecurity practices that could allow for an attack. in future.

A 2019 report from Huawei’s UK Cybersecurity Assessment Center Supervisory Board raised concerns in about the company’s core engineering skills and cybersecurity security.

Neither parodies mention the company’s role in building labor camp and re-education technologies in China’s Xinjiang region, nor reports of its work on a facial recognition system to monitor Uyghurs.

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