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China records 27,095 new corona cases and two deaths

In a moment in which the world has forgotten about the Corona epidemic, the National Health Commission announced today on Monday that China recorded 27,095 new cases of the Coronavirus on Nov. 20, of which 2,365 were symptomatic and 24,730 were asymptomatic.

China recorded 24,435 new infections the previous day, of which 2,267 were symptomatic and 22,168 were asymptomatic.

Record of two deaths

He also announced the registration of two new deaths, bringing the total to 5,229.

As of Sunday, mainland China had recorded 288,562 cases of the coronavirus showing symptoms.

wounded in Beijing

Local government data indicated that the capital, Beijing, recorded 154 new cases with symptoms and 808 cases without symptoms. The previous day, 69 symptomatic and 552 asymptomatic cases were recorded.

While the local health authority in Shanghai, China’s financial hub, said it had recorded six cases with symptoms and 33 without symptoms, up from four cases with symptoms and 35 without symptoms the day before.

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