China refers to the depth of its relationship with Russia… and criticizes American provocations

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi defended his country’s stance on the war on Sunday in Ukraine, noting that China intends to deepen its ties with Russia next year.

Wang, who held his press conference in video link in the Chinese capital, accused the US of deteriorating relations between the world’s two largest economies, saying that China “resolutely rejected the wrong US policy towards China.”

China has sought to counter Western pressure in the fields of trade, technology and human rights, and its claims to a vast area of the western Pacific Ocean, accusing the United States of “bullying”.

His refusal to condemn the Russian military operation in Ukraine and adhering to the sanctions imposed on Russia has further strained relations and fueled the nascent division with many European countries.

Wang said China is willing to “deepen mutual trust and strategic cooperation” with Russia.

He continued: “Regarding the Ukrainian crisis, we have affirmed our unwavering adherence to the fundamental principles of objectivity and impartiality, without favoring one side over another, or adding fuel to the fire, let alone seeking selfish gains from the situation.” ”he said, according to the official text of his remarks.

Despite the common ground between China and Russia, both subject to Western pressure, China’s economic future is still tied to American and European markets and technology. Leader Xi Jinping seeks to make Chinese industry more self-sufficient, but Wang admitted experience has shown that “China and the United States cannot separate or cut supply chains.”

He also stressed that China will strive to remit in rut relations with the United States, stating that it has backtracked because “the United States still sees China as its main competitor, is committed in a blatant blockade, suppress and provoke China.”

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