China Refrains from Providing Military Support to Moscow

Although CIA Director Bill Burns confirmed that his country is almost certain of China’s intention to support Russia in its war against Ukraine, he made it clear at the same time yesterday that Beijing had not yet taken that step.

What prevents Beijing from supplying its ally Moscow with lethal weapons?

There is no doubt that Beijing, which has been on its feet since the beginning of the Russo-Ukrainian war last year in medium, with its tendency to criticize NATO and hold it responsible for provoking the Russians, has watched closely the global alignment that erupted from last February 24

Since that date, the sanctions have been poured on Moscow, but have come in favor of China, which has strengthened economic ties with it and also with other countries.

Calculated risk

This could tempt Chinese President Xi Jinping into considering military support for the Russians as a risk worth taking for his country, because it will make Moscow more economically dependent on Beijing and also send a strong message to the western country, according to the British Telegraph newspaper.

However, a vital file is bothering Beijing and disturbing its sleep, its title is Taiwan.

While the Chinese authorities invoke the need to respect the sovereignty of countries and not to interfere in their affairs, including of course Taiwan, which they consider an integral part of their lands, any Chinese support for Russia could weaken its position in this particular file.

Any changes adopted by Beijing regarding its policy in Ukraine will weaken the force of its request not to interfere in any future action it may take vis-à-vis Taiwan.

So just as China tries to push for global stability it brings back the pace in Europe, is well aware that any decision to arm Russia will have far-reaching and dire consequences.

Enter the forbidden

But despite all this, the Chinese president could see, according to the newspaper, that this risk can be faced, and therefore he will enter the taboo and arm the Russian forces with lethal weapons.

Interestingly, US intelligence previously reported on Beijing’s readiness to support Moscow with weapons and suicide marches, which could upset the course of the war in course between the Russian and Ukrainian forces, in amidst large Western military support for Kiev.

However, Washington has warned more than once, the last of which was that of the national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, who yesterday confirmed in an interview with CNN that China will pay a heavy price if it gives military support to Moscow.