China says allegations against Huawei CEO are “completely fabricated”

China confirmed that the allegations against Huawei’s CFO were “completely fabricated”, in one moment in which Huawei announced it would defend itself against US prosecution after Canada released its CFO, Meng Wanzhou.

The Chinese telecommunications giant added, according to “AFP” today, Saturday, that it would “defend” itself against the accusations of US justice of having evaded sanctions against Iran, after it US officials withdrew the fraud allegations against Wenzhou.

“Huawei will continue to defend itself against these allegations in a New York court, “the company said in a note, with the return of Meng Wanzhou in China.

Prosecutors said in federal court in Brooklyn, New York, CFO of Chinese tech firm Huawei will be released and may return. in China after reaching an agreement with the US government on fraud allegations.

A US judge accepted the deferred prosecution agreement, which will last until December 1, 2022. Under the agreement, Executive Director Meng Wanzhou confirmed the accuracy of the statement of facts and agreed not to commit any other crimes. or not to risk prosecution.

Meng, the daughter of the Huawei founder, was arrested in Canada in December 2018. The United States tried to extradite her on suspicion of bank fraud and electronic fraud, claiming she tricked a financial institution into violating US sanctions against Iran. On Friday, the United States said it would withdraw the extradition request.

On Friday, Meng pleaded not guilty to the charges. As part of the deal, Nicole Buckman, interim attorney general for the Eastern District of New York, said in a statement that she took “responsibility for her primary role in perpetrating a plan to defraud a global financial institution”.

According to Buckman, Meng admitted he did “more false material statements “while he was chief financial Huawei officer on the company’s affairs in Iran, during conversations with the CEO of a financial institution.

Buckman said the admission confirms the main allegations against Meng. The reports of the media have linked Hong Kong-based HSBC to the case, although the bank has previously said the US Department of Justice has confirmed that it is not investigating the case.

A Huawei spokesperson declined to comment. A lawyer representing Meng said he was “happy” with the agreement. “Now she will be free to go home to be with her family.”

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