China Sends Special Presidential Plane to Transport Syrian President Bashar al-Assad: Summit Meeting in Hangzhou Reveals Beijing’s Interest

China Sends Special Presidential Plane to Transport Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

The Syrian newspaper Al-Watan reported that China has made a significant gesture by sending a special presidential plane to Damascus to transport Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his accompanying delegation to China. This move highlights the level of interest and importance that Beijing attaches to this visit and the upcoming summit meeting between the two presidents in Xichang Province, a city located in the far east of China.

As captured in footage published by the newspaper, the arrival of the plane at Khanzhou Airport in China was a momentous event. Its purposeful dispatch demonstrates the value China places on fostering strong connections with Syria. The decision to use a private presidential plane further underscores the significance and respect accorded to President al-Assad.

The Syrian presidency recently announced that, in response to an official invitation from the Chinese President, President al-Assad and the First Lady will embark on a visit to China on Thursday. The itinerary includes a Syrian-Chinese summit and several meetings and events in both Hangzhou and the capital, Beijing. It is noteworthy that President al-Assad will be leading a political and economic delegation, signifying the importance of strengthening bilateral relations and exploring potential collaborations in various sectors.

This visit holds great promise for deepening the ties between Syria and China. Both countries have a vested interest in fostering diplomatic, political, and economic cooperation. As the leaders of their respective nations come together, they are expected to engage in fruitful discussions and explore areas of mutual benefit.

The Syrian newspaper’s coverage of China’s gesture towards President al-Assad highlights the significance of this visit in cementing the bond between the two countries. China’s decision to dispatch a special presidential plane reflects the nation’s commitment to solidifying its alliance with Syria.

This visit, marked by the transportation of President al-Assad on the presidential plane, serves as a visual representation of China’s deep interest in strengthening its relationship with Syria. As these leaders gather for the summit meeting, a new chapter in the bilateral relationship between China and Syria is set to unfold, one that holds the potential for fruitful collaboration and mutual growth.

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