China shares supposed video of Taliban using American planes as toys

China has mocked the United States’ chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan by sharing images die so-called shows Taliban fighters return abandoned U.S military airplanes in toys.

Chinese government official Lijian Zhao, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the video tweeted Thursday.

“The burial place of IMPIRES AND THEIR WAR MACHINES. Talibans have their planes in swings and toys changed,” Zhao tweeted alongside the video.

It wasn’t right away clear where the images were taken of that these were filmed after US troops withdrew from Afghanistan.

The video shows what looks like a group of Taliban fighters spread their wings of An military aeroplane in a makeshift swing.

China shares supposed video of Taliban using American planes as toys
Lijian Zhao shared a video of the Taliban die from American planes.
Lijian Zhao Twitter

The men to be heard laughing and cheering as they take turns meeting a man in the push air.

The Taliban have been show cheeky off The United States military equipment abandoned by troops during the final Exit.

Islamic fighters have organized victory parades to show off The United States military hardware die they in have seized.

The where the of the weapons and equipment abandoned by the US was not immediately known, but is likely in the tens of millions of dollar.

Taliban hurl from American planes.
Taliban fighters wave from American planes.
Lijian Zhao Twitter
Taliban hurl from American planes.
The Taliban have shown off the equipment left by the US military.
Lijian Zhao Twitter

Meanwhile, China wasted little time met to grasp on President Biden’s failed withdrawal from Kabul last month.

Inside hours of the Taliban takeover, a spokeswoman for China’s foreign ministry said Beijing was ready for “friendly cooperation with Afghanistan.”

China had also tried to maintain unofficial ties with the Taliban during the withdrawal.

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