China’s Fujian Province Reports Delta Outbreak

China has its highest number of corona cases in almost a month, prompt one province to shut down public transport test hundreds of thousands of people.

On Sunday, the Chinese authorities reported 22 new locally transmitted infections, all in the southern province of Fujian and caused by the Delta variant. The number was the highest since August 14, when 24 cases were registered.

China is not releasing enough data to make clear how common Delta is there, but last month, the country stamped out multiple Delta outbreaks die blow over half across the country mass testing, contact tracing and targeted lockdowns. Health experts have warned that such measures could have a punishing economic and social cost and may deepen the pandemic fatigue below the public.

the outbreak over the weekend turned against a downward trend of cases, die had fallen for more more than a month since August 9, when China reported 109 infections. While the number of cases from Sunday is far below many others countries, reflects the number health experts have long warned about: that it is likely to be nearly impossible to completely eradicate the Delta variant, and that Beijing must be . rethink zero-Covid strategy.

The government said the outbreak in Fujian started on Sept 10th in a primary school in the province of Xianyou, and local authorities said most of the cases concerned young children. An initial analysis showed that the original carrier was an adult who had arrived from Singapore.

The authorities in Fujian has ordered mass testing of to be completed by all students and teachers within a week. The city of Xiamen is closed off two districts and a hospital after identifying Covid patients. Buses and taxi services have been suspended in Xianyou. More than 900,000 inhabitants in the province is called up for to test, with hazards of criminal punishment for anyone who uncooperative.

AN team from the National Health Commission die was sent to Fujian, said it would probably detect more cases, but added that the outbreak can be contained before the week-long National Day holiday at the start of October, according to CCTV, the state broadcaster.

Beijing will probably be nervous over large numbers of of people travel and collect in die time holiday, as well as during the three-day Mid-Autumn Festival, which begins on Sunday.

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