Chinese magazine readers ask Russia to send tank wreckage "Abrams"

The Russian military could hand over to the Chinese army detonation fragments of American Abrams tanks, which were operated upon arrival at the Ukrainian front.

This is a joint study of this type of destructive Western weapon in the framework of a special military operation.

This point of view was expressed by analysts of the Chinese magazine Tencent.

Analysts in an article published by the said Chinese magazine and translated by the Russian electronic newspaper Politrossiya note that NATO countries, including Germany and the United States, dared to hand over their heavy tanks to the army of the Kyiv regime.

The article stated: “If Russia destroys one of the main American M1 Abrams tanks in Ukraine, we will be able to get the wreckage of this tank thanks to good relations between us and Russia. Perhaps we can get a whole tank. .”

Analysts believe that the elimination of modern NATO tanks during a special operation in the Donbass will raise the morale of Russian soldiers, and the study of Western armored vehicles can help Russian and Chinese engineers find more holes in the Abrams and Leopard tanks.

Source: Russian newspaper