Chinese Military Escalates Incursion with Over 30 Warplanes in Taiwan Air Defense Zone

Chinese Military Incursion: More than 30 Warplanes Enter Taiwan’s Air Defense Zone in Just 6 Hours

The Latest Developments

In the latest escalation of the Chinese military’s incursion, more than 30 Chinese warplanes have entered the Taiwan air defense zone in only six hours. Sun Li-fang, spokesman for the island’s defense ministry, announced on Thursday that “37 Chinese military aircraft” entered Taiwan’s air defense zone.

Closely Monitoring the Situation

We Are Watching Closely

Sun Li-fang also added that around 11:00 “some of them completed their course to the western Pacific Ocean to receive long-range reconnaissance exercises.” In turn, the ministry tweeted that the Taiwanese military is “closely monitoring the situation,” adding that in patrol aircraft, warships and land-based missile systems were deployed in response. But he didn’t say if the raids were still going on in course, AFP reported.

The Context

These new incursions come a day after the US, Philippines and Japan completed their prime joint Coast Guard exercises in the South China Sea, which Beijing considers its own. The increase in air raids and naval exercises by the Chinese military around Taiwan often coincides with Taipei establishing diplomatic ties with other countries.

The Analysis

Analysts see China’s increased airstrikes on Taiwan’s backcourt as part of a broader “grey zone” tactic that is keeping the island under pressure. Interestingly, China considers Taiwan an integral part of its territory and has failed to annex it since the end of the Chinese Civil War in 1949. But it says it will one day return it to Chinese sovereignty, by force if necessary. Beijing has stepped up its airstrikes in the island’s air defense identification zone in recent years, and in 2022 it doubled the sorties it flew the previous year in that sector.

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