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Chinese President: We will continue to import oil in large quantities from the Gulf countries

Chinese President Xi Jinping appreciated Saudi Arabia’s efforts to host the first China-Gulf summit, stressing that the Gulf countries and China can achieve economic and industrial integration, strengthen partnership and promote development.

He said there has been Chinese communication with the Gulf Cooperation Council since its inception and that the council has been successful in overcoming global challenges.

He stressed China’s continued import of oil in large amounts from the Gulf countries, indicating cooperation with the countries of the region to invest in clean energy.

On the other hand, he revealed plans to establish an investment council with Gulf countries and underlined concerted efforts with countries in the region to activate the payment system in local currencies.

He also expressed his country’s enthusiasm to cooperate with the Gulf states in the fields of information technology and the digital economy and to initiate a number of cooperation projects in the space sectors.

“We welcome the entry of Gulf astronauts to the Chinese space station,” he said.

The Chinese president also referred to plans to create new paths of linguistic and cultural cooperation with the Gulf countries, saying that thousands of Chinese language education opportunities will be provided to the Gulf countries and there will be mutual cooperation to teach Chinese. and Arabic languages.

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