Chinese Scientists Dig 10,000 Meter Hole into Earth’s Crust, Exploring New Frontiers Above and Below

China Digs Deeper: Scientists Begin Digging a 10,000 Meter Hole in the Earth’s Crust

Chinese scientists have begun digging a hole 10,000 meters deep inside the earth’s crust. This initiative is part of China’s efforts to explore new frontiers above and below the planet’s surface. The New China News Agency (Xinhua) reported that the hole, which is expected to be the deepest in China’s history, started in Xinjiang province on Tuesday.

Exploring New Frontiers

China has shown a keen interest in exploring new frontiers both in space and on earth. Earlier on the same day, China sent its first civilian astronaut into space, from the Gobi Desert. The country is set on making great strides and advancements in both areas.

The Deepest Hole in China’s History

The narrow borehole will penetrate more than ten continental layers, or layers of rocks, into the ground, according to the report. This achievement is expected to break new ground and propel China ahead in scientific research and development. The hole is also expected to reach the gypsum system within the earth’s crust. This system is characterized by rocks that date back to about 145 million years ago.

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