Chris Brown and Ammika Harris – Here’s why they decided to finally reveal their son after keeping him away from the public for 21 days!

Fans looked forward to meeting Chris Brown and Ammika Harris’ little boy for almost a month and it took them no less than 21 days to finally present the bundle of joy to the world! Now a new insider report claims to know the reason why the new parents have waited so long, but more importantly what has changed their idea of ​​keeping it hidden from the public!

The singer and model confirmed the birth of little Aeko on December 11, even though he was born in late November.

A source tells the world that Chris, like the rest of us, couldn’t wait to show off his new son, but he respected Ammika’s wishes to keep him out of the spotlight for a little longer.

The insider shared via HollywoodLife that “Chris couldn’t wait to reveal the birth of his son to the world, but he wanted to wait until Ammika was also fully on board before making the decision to make the big announcement. Chris teased fans with hints about his son’s birth because he couldn’t help but share his joy with everyone but he fully respects Ammika and he would never confirm Aeko’s birth without his full blessing. “

“She was still recovering from childbirth and adjusting to maternity and he wanted to give her the time she needed before letting people know they were having a baby together. Ammika had received so much support from fans, but there were people who pushed her to reveal whether she had given birth or not. Ammika is not one to be pressured and she has always remained standing. “

The same source went on to say that even though it was supposed to be a time of celebration in his life, it was starting to be frustrating.

And since she is supposed to be very positive and strong as a person, she did not want anyone’s negativity to bring her happiness down.


This apparently means that her decision to finally reveal her son with Brown “was a way to reduce the noise and she really couldn’t be happier.”

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