Chris Brown and ‘natural mom’ Ammika Harris have ‘strong bond’ after welcoming their son, source

Chris Brown and his new baby mom, Ammika Harris, had a new perspective while co-parenting their bundle of joy, son, Aeko. That said, an insider report says they’ve grown up to have a “strong bond” since he welcomed him.

A source tells HollywoodLife that Ammika is really natural when it comes to being a mom, even if it’s her first child.

And since Chris Brown was already a dad and loved parenting, he also loves to see how incredible it is.

In other words, Ammika’s new experience as a mom has helped to strengthen her bond with Chris and they are now closer than ever and are only getting closer day by day.

“Chris and Ammika share a very strong bond and he has only grown stronger since the baby was born. Chris is definitely in love with their son and he is also very grateful to Ammika for having brought him into the world. This Christmas, he will spoil them both rotten, “said the insider.


They went on to say that “Ammika really adapts to motherhood like a natural. She is really stimulating and she is there for everything and everything Aeko needs. Ammika’s relatives have seen another side of her since she became a mom and that only makes her even more beautiful in their eyes than they had ever imagined. She is so protective of Aeko, she holds him constantly, just looking at him, and she never wants to belittle him. It’s really adorable and it’s so sweet to see the love between them. “

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