Chris Brown finally shows his newborn and confirms his name – Check out the first picture!

Finally, the new father of two confirmed that he and Ammika Harris had welcomed a little boy at the end of last month! In the midst of many speculations and clues, Chris Brown turned to social media to make it official and he even shared a picture of the newborn!

Aside from the very first cliché of the joy package, Chris has also confirmed his name, in fact Aeko.

This comes after he has already hinted with a picture of him in which he was wearing a jacket on which was written Aeko next to the nickname of the girl Royalty!

Naturally, the fans put two and two together and understood that it must be the baby’s new nickname!

The first image that Chris shared with the world is that of a small foot he took in his palm.

In the legend, he simply wrote: “AEKO CATORI BROWN”.

The man’s mother also posted the same sweet snapshot on her own page and wrote beside her: “GOD BLESS ME MY ANGELS !!!!!”

The baby would be born on November 20th after Chris and Ammika kept the pregnancy secret all the time.

That said, we still do not know if the two are in a relationship or not.

An insider previously shared with HollywoodLife that “Chris is happy to be a father again. Chris expects (Royalty) to be the most amazing elder sister of all time. He now likes to have a daughter and a son and he feels complete. “


Moreover, as to why he waited so long to (somehow) show the baby, another source explained that although he is “ very proud and can not wait to share more with the world he must hold back because Ammika do not want anything. She is not used to being famous and she is also very sensitive, so until she is ready for all the details to be revealed, Chris will hold back, out of respect for his wishes. “

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