Chris Brown shares images of the Christmas opening session – Check out Adorable Royalty Brown

Chris Brown shared pictures of him and his beautiful daughter Royalty Brown as an opening gift for Christmas. Check out the sweet video below.

fans are delighted to see Chris with his daughter, and they say that she and her baby boy Aeko make him a better person.

Somoene said, “Royαlty αnd Aeko le mαkes α better mαn ♥ ️” and a subscriber posted this: “His mom” let me hold him so I don’t lose him “”

Someone said, “ The fact that she’s always dressed like a princess is adorable, ” and another follower posted: “ It’s cute that he didn’t give her too much time than she could manage and how it gave her all 1 lol Chris a good father. ‘

One commenter posted this, “I would love to have a rich dad life, it would be so much better,” and another fan wrote, “I don’t care what anyone has to say about Chris Brown. I know is that he is a grandfather

One follower said, “ I wonder why God doesn’t judge it good for me to have a famous parent ‘I hate it here’, and someone else posted: ‘He has to compensate the fact that another lol royalty child doesn’t play. “

The proud dad made the fans happy when he decided to share his baby on social media, and people couldn’t be happier.


The other day, he also shared a photo starring his beautiful daughter, Royalty Brown, with his little brother, and that’s beyond the adorable.

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