Chris Brown sparks wedding rumors after sharing this photo amid claims he would bond with Ammika Harris

Chris Brown, 30, turned to social media where he both delighted and confused fans.

The singer melted his heart because the photo featured his month-old son, Aeko Catori Brown, who sleeps on his chest.

The newborn is dressed for the Christmas holidays in a green and white jumpsuit. Ammika Harris’ baby dad looked relaxed and seemed to be enjoying this precious moment with his baby.

Fans quickly zoomed in on the ring he was wearing and wondered if he would announce that he was married to Ammika.

One fan explained: “Magnificent !!!!! I love you so much! My favorite artist, but more so, I love to see you as a father! God bless you and your beautiful children !! Hang on to those memories ???? Happy Holidays, Chris. “

This Instagrammer asked, “Is he married?” I’m just here for comments on the ring. “

This fan, who believes Chris is no longer single, shared: “They’re married, she has a tattoo ring on her finger, checked her page, and one of her photos she posted has a wedding ring. , it could be an old photo ”????????????????????. “

This person had this to say, “To reach far is not it.” I wear rings all the time. He is not married. He posted a video saying he was getting married years ago, it’s the same ring, I think. People are so gullible. “

A fifth comment said: “Don’t panic about the ring because I know better”. She knows she had to name this baby Chris Brown Jr ????.

A source recently spoke to Hollywood Life and said that things are going in the right direction for Ammika and Chris: “Chris and Ammika share a powerful bond, and he has only grown stronger since the baby was born. Chris is madly in love with his son and so grateful to Ammika for bringing him into this world. This Christmas, he will spoil them both rotten. “

The initiate added: “Ammika adapts to motherhood like a natural. She is so stimulating and she is there for everything and everything Aeko needs. Ammika’s relatives have seen another side of her since she became a mom, and that only makes her look more beautiful to them than they ever imagined. She is so protective of Aeko, and she constantly holds him, looks at him, and never wants to belittle him. It’s really adorable and it’s so sweet to see the love between them. “


Do you think Chris is thinking about marriage?

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