Chris Brown’s baby mom Ammika Harris accepts her body and post-baby curves in a green swimsuit Photo – Fans show her love

The rumors about the alleged relationship between Chris Brown and Ammika Harris ultimately turned out to be true, as well as speculation that they were expecting a baby together.

Recently, it was revealed that the 26-year-old model was not only involved with the 30-year-old singer, but also gave birth to a baby boy, Aeko Catori Brown, on November 20.

Since then, the new mom has opened up and revealed more about what she was going through.

Ammika took him to Instagram to post a video story, where she shared that she had a baby through a cesarean and how she had to accept that getting back in shape would be more difficult than expected.

In her pictures, Ammika said that before she got pregnant, her weight was 108 pounds, while by the end of the 9th month, she weighed 157 pounds.

Ammika explained that during her pregnancy, she told herself that she should regain her normal size as soon as possible, and the model often considered that two weeks was enough to recover.

However, she concluded that she did not know what to expect after welcoming her child, especially after her caesarean, and that it was impossible to get back in shape in two weeks.

She wrote, “At the start of my pregnancy, I weighed 108 pounds. At the end, I weighed 157 pounds. I was huge. ”

She added, “During my pregnancy, I thought, ‘I need to get back to my normal size as soon as possible. I would say, “I’m going to give myself 2 weeks.” I did not know what to expect after giving birth. Especially after a cesarean. 2 weeks was impossible. Your body needs time to recover and you also need to give your uterus time to shrink. I am now four weeks after giving birth. It’s my belly today. 2 more weeks until I can start training again. “

In her video, Ammika also showed what her belly looked like four weeks after giving birth and said that she had two more weeks before she could start training again.

It seems that Harris’ confession was very inspiring for his disciples because many congratulated him on his bravery, and many mothers said that they felt motivated by her.


Harris recently returned to social media in a green swimsuit and confirmed that the snap-back is real.

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