Entertainment Chris Brown's little mom, Ammika Harris, finally talks about...

Chris Brown’s little mom, Ammika Harris, finally talks about life with her newborn Aeko


Ammika Harris, 26, and her occasional boyfriend, Chris Brown, 30, recently welcomed a little boy around the world.
According to unconfirmed information, the parents would have chosen the baby name, Aeko.

Ammika has been quite calm since her delivery, but on December 2, she revealed to the world that she lives what all the new moms are going through: no sleep, no food, no cleaning.

The model was short and told her fans that she was “tired”.

As for Chris, he has seen a significant evolution in his life recently, and he was currently preparing to introduce his new son whom he had met with Ammika to his daughter Royalty.

The singer really wants royalty to be close to his life and, even if some feared to show a distant attitude and try to separate everything, this does not seem to be the case so far.

On the contrary, Chris made it clear that he was ready to go far in the name of the integrity of his family and he has already made significant progress in this direction.

According to the reports, the most important thing for the singer at the moment is to have his Royalty daughter, involved as much as possible in his life, and he does his best to bring her closer to the rest of her family and make sure that everyone is on the same page.

A source told Hollywood Life, “Chris is happy to be a father again. He is eager to get Redevoy involved in everything and hopes she will be the most incredible big sister.

The family friend added, “He likes the fact that he has a daughter and a son and now feels full. Chris already has dreams for the future and is eager to see what his two children will become. His point of view has changed Chris for the better. He now has a son, which highlights the important things in life. ”

This may not be very simple, because Royalty and Baby Aeko have two different mothers. However, the important thing is that the crooner R & B tries at least.

The same can not be said for many of his peers, who would simply prefer to let things go on autopilot and do not pay much attention to the exact needs of their families.


To that end, Chris surprised a lot of people with his responsible attitude and determined state of mind from the beginning.

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