Chris Brown’s photo of Royalty Brown changing his brother Aeko’s diapers has impressed fans

Chris Brown is a dad again as you probably know by now. He is the father of the little boy of Ammika Harris whom they named Aeko Catori Brown.

The proud dad made the fans happy when he decided to share his baby on social media and people couldn’t be happier.

Now he has also shared a photo showing his beautiful daughter Royalty Brown with his little brother and that is beyond the adorable. You can check it out below.

Someone commented, “Awww, she’s going to be a big big sister,” and another disciple said, “aw, roro is already a big big sister.”

A fan also sprang up on the kids and said, “I love it so much that you have beautiful babies” bless you guys “, while another fan posted this:” She’s so sweet is adorable. “

An Instagrammer said that royalty and Aeko must have a nice photo shoot together: “Your son and royalty must have a photo shoot”

A few days ago, Chris also shared a photo in which he was sleeping with his baby on his chest and the fans loved the way the two were linked.

Someone commented, “I love that he can be there for his child from birth. And do not hide her child from her for 9 months. Congratulations again Chris. You have 2 beautiful children. MINI CHRIS was literally born. @chrisbrownofficial. “

One fan said, “Shit your twin … he’s your son fa sho ….” you missed that royalty is a baby, and not by choice ???????????????????????? .. And God gave you back your blessing, to be able to be there from start to finish ???????????????????????? really a prince for a King.’

In the photo with his son, Chris wears a ring on his finger which fans say was an engagement / wedding ring.

Another follower posted this, defending Chris: “Why would anyone be crazy if they were married? Let this man live his life, if you are a real fan, you should be happy for him … enjoy your blessings Chris. “


Congratulations, Chris for your wonderful family!

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