Sports Chris Jericho insults 'Aaron Mahome' at AEW show in...

Chris Jericho insults ‘Aaron Mahome’ at AEW show in Kansas City


Chris Jericho attempted to insult sidearm-throwing, MVP-holding, soul-stealing, ruling Super Bowl champ Patrick Mahomes at an All Elite Wrestling “Dynamite” show Wednesday in Kansas City, Mo. (Got to define with the “Mo.” nowadays.)

Just, Jericho didn’t really state “Patrick Mahomes.” He opted for “Aaron Mahome” rather. ( WARNING: NSFW language and Tomahawk Chop sounds ahead.)

Perhaps (most likely) that belonged of the bit– butcher the Chiefs quarterback’s name to develop heat– however fans didn’t sound all that troubled. They’re still in the “SUPER BOWL, BABY!” stage.

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If 15 was going to belong of the show, then perhaps Jericho’s slam may have had more … effect. (Oh, wait, that’s the incorrect promo. Hard to keep ’em all directly.)

Bottom line is, Jericho prospered since his words are being duplicated here, however, male, is “Aaron” going to be disturbed when he gets word. (Wait, being informed there has actually currently been an action on Twitter.)

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