Chris Jericho speaks Chris Benoit, ‘Dark Side of the Sounding’ and the state of AEW

Season 1 of Vice TELEVISION’s Dark Side of the Ring” docuseries offered a thorough take a look at some of the most intriguing stories and individuals in expert wrestling, varying from the notorious Montreal Screwjob, to a deep dive into the Von Erich family, to the life and questionable death of Bruiser Brody.

“Dark Side of the Ring” returns for a second season on Tuesday, March 24 at 9 p.m. ET on VICE TELEVISION with a two-hour episode covering the life and profession of Chris Benoit consisting of the stunning death of Chris Benoit.

While Benoit was thought about one of the biggest in-ring service technicians in the ring, he is more kept in mind for what he carried out in the final couple of days of his life when, in 2007, he killed his other half Nancy in addition to their 7-year-old boy Daniel prior to taking his own life.

“Dark Side of the Ring” takes a close take a look at the occasions leading up to that terrible weekend and speak to those individuals near Benoit and his family consisting of Chavo Guerrero and Dean Malenko. It likewise consists of interviews from Benoit’s boy David in addition to Nancy’s sis Sandra Toffoloni who painfully information their relationships with the male and the dreadful event.

Chris Jericho, another friend of Benoit’s, is greatly consisted of in the docuseries. The former WWE and AEW champ is talked to for the episode, however likewise functions as the storyteller for every single episode in Season 2 of “Dark Side of the Ring”.

Sporting News just recently spoke to Jericho about belonging of the docuseries, what to anticipate in the upcoming season and his relationship with Chris Benoit.

SPORTING NEWS: When it concerns this season of “Dark Side of the Ring,” some of the episodes handle individuals that you were around consisting of Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero in addition to Owen Hart. What was it like to review those relationships?

CHRIS JERICHO: I believe I hardly understood Owen. I just met him one time. I was more coming at it from a fan viewpoint and from a family family tree, you understand, and constantly being gotten in touch with the Hartfamily Owen himself, I just had the one interaction with him, or, you understand, one or 2, whatever it was. Undoubtedly, the Chris and Eddie shows were a lot various due to the fact that those were 2 men that were really, really near me. All 3 of their kind of unforeseen deaths strike me in various methods. All 3 of them strike me really highly due to the fact that all 3 of them were really essential and crucial to my profession, simply in various elements.

SN: You had relationships with those men in specific and with other individuals that sadly died prematurely in the wrestlingbusiness How you had the ability to continue your profession after those after some of those deaths? And existed ever a time where you considered going out of the business?

CJ: No, I never ever considered going out of the business due to the fact that of those factors. I went through a burnout in 2005 and didn’t return up until mid-2007 I believe after the Chris catastrophe and after Eddie had actually died. I was gone both of those times. I believe I ended up SummerSlam of 2005 and returned, I believe, October, November of2007 Because timeframe, both Eddie and Chris died. That’s when you’re seeing me inform these stories and talking about these things, I wasn’t there throughout that timeframe. Since I still would keep in touch with these men, and that’s one of the factors why it was even complete stranger for me. Not as much Eddie. Eddie and I weren’t truly phone men. When in a while on the phone, we would talk. I believe texting had actually begun at that point. Chris and I did talk, even if it was like, as soon as a month or as soon as every 2 weeks, however then that got less and less and less and less. Which’s when I began recognizing he was entering into, like, hermit zone. You can see kind of a bit of a wear and tear in this person however I wasn’t there to see it deal with to deal with. I was simply seeing it from afar however likewise seeing that there was a distinction.

SN: You are the storyteller for all the various episodes of the season of “Dark Side of the Ring.” As fans, a lot of times we become aware of some of the more outrageous stories in wrestling and have a specific viewpoint. What’s it like from your viewpoint as somebody who has remained in the business for over 25 years and just how much of what is covered this season was brand-new to you?

CJ: Well, that’s what I enjoy– the material of theshow I enjoyed the first season, I found out about it, and certainly you learnt about Montreal Screwjob. How much more can you become aware of that? 2 other shows in there I believed were great however the one that I truly delighted in was the Gino Hernandez one since that was the person that I didn’t hear truly anything about due to the fact that I matured in Canada, so no complimentary web. What I would become aware of those types of men is what I check out in Pro Wrestling Illustrated or that sort of thing and I was super into wrestling however if I had the ability to see World Class, I would have however we didn’t get it. There’s no other way to see it. You would check out these publications and hear about Gino Hernandez. He passes away and as you grow up through the business, you hear he was truly great and he was, you understand, this and that.

So, I found out a lot about his story through Dark Side of the Ring and even the Von Erich show, you understand, all of us understand the story, however you do not truly understand it from the viewpoint of the individuals that are included. That was intriguing too, to kind of experience that. When Season 2 came around beyond simply the Benoit show, and they asked me to tell it, I truly believed it ‘d be kind of cool to do due to the fact that A), I delighted in the first season and B) I was thrilled to see what subjects are we going to be talking about for this one. I didn’t understand. They would simply send me the episodes every couple of weeks and they ‘d go, “Here’s a Dino Bravo episode and here’s a ‘Brawl for All’ episode and here’s a New Jack episode.” I’m like, wow, this things is so intriguing. I’m not a trivia however I am a historian of thebusiness I like to discover about these things from the viewpoint of the individuals that were included due to the fact that as I understand, in some cases what gets informed you and what gets reported is not needed the real true story so it was kind of cool to see it from a direct viewpoint.

SN: Existed any stories that were covered this year that were nearly too wild to be true?

CJ: The New Jack story blew my mind due to the fact that I understood him a bit from ECW. Simply the things that he did, you understand, trying to murder men in the ring, stabbing men throughout matches and simply actually not offering a s–. I was like, oh my gosh, I can’t think this person isn’t in prison or didn’t get killed due to the fact that of the things that he did. That was quite heavy. The one that I truly delighted in however, that I didn’t believe I would, was the “Brawl for All” due to the fact that I keep in mind the “Brawl for All” however I wasn’t in WWE at the time. Simply viewing the entire story behind that and simply how it generally ended Bart Gunn’s profession in the States, even though he won it, it was simply an actually intriguing kind of time pill of what wrestling was like just 20 years back, 23 years back, and it was truly intriguing to see it.

SN: I understand that you began your part of the episode on Chris Benoit stating some individuals are not going to like what you state. Considering your relationship that you had with Chris, how are you able to separate your relationship and kind of different the individual that you understood from the individual who did what he did at the end of his life?

CJ: I stated throughout that interview that I had actually done a podcast a couple of years ago with Dave Meltzer simply to go over the profession of Chris Benoit. And the reason that is I felt like I required some closure on that side of things due to the fact that I was so secured action with Benoit’s profession and some of my biggest matches featured him and they have actually generally been eliminated from presence. I stated at the end of the podcast, listen, if you’re going to listen to this and state that I’m glorifying a killer, stop listening now due to the fact that we’re not. We’re not excusing what he carried out in the last weekend of his life however we are speaking about this dazzling entertainer, one of the biggest of perpetuity, and someone that I had an individual, profession relationship with.

So if you do not like it, do not listen however I need to speak about this much like football historians may wish to speak about the profession of O.J. Simpson and state, listen, this person did horrible things outside of the field, however on the field, this is what he did and you can’t excuse the reality that person was fantastic. That kind of is where that viewpoint comes from. I discover “Dark Side of the Ring,” we are speaking about the sparkle of Chris and Eddie as entertainers however the total tone is we’re setting the backstory up for this terrible catastrophe of what took place.

SN: I believe it’s quite comparable to his boy David who is included in the episode. He is handling the relationship that he had with his daddy and needing to handle this terrible thing that took place. There was a favorable that came out of this because you contributed in assisting reconnect David and Nancy’s sis Sandra. How and when were you able to assist bring them together?

CJ: I had Nancy on my podcast. I’m not exactly sure how we linked. It was the first time she ever spoke about what took place. And much like what I simply stated earlier about the Chris podcast I did, I wished to do a podcast with Sandra to talk more about the profession of Nancy, Nancy Sullivan, Nancy Benoit. Lady, Fallen Angel, due to the fact that she was really, great at what she did remained in the business as far as being a valet and a manager, you understand, all these various things that she did. That truly got forgotten. She became this victim and not this truly amazing entertainer with a Hall of Fame-worthy profession that had an awful death.

So when we had this podcast and I had a discussion, first time we ever met, simply her and I and then had like a terrific discussion and at the end of it I stated have you spoken with Dave? She goes no, I do not have his number. I’m like, well, I got it if you desire it and that’s kind of how I put them together. That was a couple of years back. The first time they ever saw each other face to deal with, I think considering that all that took place, was what you see on electronic camera at the end of sequel of the episode.

SN: Let me conclude with this. Recently’s episode of AEW tv was quite special with there being no audience. What’s it like to be a part of a show that is so special and so various than what you’re utilized to seeing?

CJ: Well, you simply addressed it. It’s really special and it’s various. In the method things are in the world right now, I believe it’s crucial for us to still do the best we can to put on the best shows we can to offer individuals a diversion from what’s truly occurring. And is it odd? Definitely. I believe it’s the just option we have right now, to continue doing what we’re doing which is to put on the best show we can.

SN: Perhaps we’ll get more Sammy singing.

CJ: I hope so. That’s the highlight.

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